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FairScan Quick Support

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FairScan Quick Support


FairScan has the ability to remote access your computer via the use of a program called ‘FairScan Quick Support’ or ‘FairScan QS’ for short.

This will allow FairScan to view your computer screen and control your keyboard and mouse.

This program is a stripped down version of TeamViewer.  Therefore if you have TeamViewer already running on your computer then you must exit that version.  Details on how to exit TeamViewer can be viewed here.

You may select to save this program to your computer (such as your desktop) for future use or you can select ‘run’ to start the program immediately.

Once the program is running you will need to advise FairScan of ‘Your ID’ and ‘Password’.  Instructions on what to do can be found below.

Please note that all Remote Access sessions are performed by FairScan and therefore FairScan Minutes will be charged.




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